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Playing with the musician extraordinaire FirstnameFrank tonight at the Mad Ferret in Preston… Open mic bring your twangers and bashers and badgers!!

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Here is a sneak preview of a song a wrote a while ago, which I am currently arranging for Leyland Brass Band…  

More to follow soon„



Project: Phobias

After researching a number of phobias, I decided to go further with Chronophobia - The fear of Time. Whilst looking into this fear, I found out that it relates commonly to a condition prisoners tend to get called Prison Neurosis. This condition causes the prisoner to have delusions, claustrophobia, depression, feelings of panic, and on many instances madness…

Soundtrack - ‘The Fear of Time’ Created by Josh Semans

Foly Art Sound Design - Created by Stuart Blundell

Filmed and Edited by Tom Pickering

Equipment - Canon EOS 60D with an array of lenses

Post-Production - Final Cut Pro

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Here is the original…


Here is my first major piece of Sound Design and Composition work.  This was a piece I completed for a University project. I chose to give the film a film noire genre feel, because of the way the look and feel of the video material…

I purposely avoided watching the original so as not to be influenced in anyway.  I will post the original as well so you can compare and contrat, let me know your opinions… on both



All Music and Sound Design created by Stu Blundell

And in the begining…

My name is Stu Blundell,

I am a fulltime working musician and student.  Currently I perform at gigs either on my own, or as part of Preston singer/songwriter Frank Beaver’s backing Band, you can check him out here… 

This blog is the online home of my portfolio that I will be updating as and when work comes my way, through composition, arrangement and sound design roles…  I will also be uploading examples of my work as I go along. 

If you wish to contact me regarding potential for a project, drop me an email at


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